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Brilliant Distinctions

Please Join Our Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program

Dr. Bennett C. Yang is happy to offer our online free sign up for Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions® Rewards Program. When you receive each treatment of with BotoxJuvedermVolumaVolbella or buy your monthly supply of Latisse, you will earn points that allow you to save money on future treatments! Watch this helpful video today.



2 easy steps to become a Brilliant Distinctions Member:



Step 2: Create your profile

*Write down the email you used and your password, as you will need them every time to access your account. For questions regarding this process, please refer to the “About Program Tab” Or call the Brilliant Distinctions direct number 888-324-2745.

How To Take Advantage of Brilliant Distinctions:

When you make your next appointment, it is important that you let our staff know you are a Brilliant Distinctions member. So when you purchase Latisse, or have a BOTOX , Voluma or Juvederm treatment, you receive credit for points towards future purchases.

Just before you come to your next appointment with us, please log in your Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions account to print out your coupons if you have points available to cash in. When you print any coupon, it will expire after 60 days, so make sure you wait until it’s close to your next appointment to redeem.

You must bring your coupon with the coupon code to your appointment, presenting to our staff, prior to treatment. This will insure all discounts are applied.
To log in and redeem a coupon, go to Then, simply follow the instructions to redeem a coupon if you have points available. Below is what you can redeem for:


  • Click on “Go to Create Coupon” or “Redeem Points”
  • Look for the drop-down menu showing your available coupon amounts based on the points you have accumulated. Alternate coupon amounts will be shown in
    gray to illustrate what you can get when you save up more points.
  • Click “Create Coupon” and a printable coupon will be available for you to bring to us at your next visit. Coupons can be created for a maximum discount amount of $75.

Once a coupon is created, it will expire in 60 days. Please call us for more details.

*Please note: BOTOX treatments must be at least three months apart for points to be deposited into your account.


BOTOX Treatment – 200 points.

Each Botox treatment is worth the following:

Treatments 1, 2 200 Points
Treatments 3, 4, 5 250 Points
Treatments 6, 7, 8 300 Points
Treatments 9, 10, 11 350 Points
Treatments 12+ 400 Points

JUVÉDERM – Voluma  Injectable cosmetic filler

Each treatment is worth the following:

1 syringe 200 Points
2 syringes 400 Points

Here’s how much money you can save:

Points = Dollar Amount

200   $25
300   $35
400   $50
500   $65
575   $75


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