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Breast Reduction Main Gallery

Breast Reduction – Main Patient Gallery – Before and After Images

Breast Reduction Main Patient Gallery Before and After Images

Bennett C. Yang, MD, Washingtonian Top Doctor
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Patient Gallery Of Pre & Post Procedure Images
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Happy memorial day! Thank you to all who have served and sacrificed for our freedom and safety. Am blessed to live in this great country. Have a blessed day everyone! #memorialday #thankful #blessed ...

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Happy Friday all! I wanted to show this patient as she is a full year after surgery. Breast implants and full breast lift with a wonderful long term result. Thank you!
Be safe. Wash your hands. We will get through this! .
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Follow up breast reduction today. This patient underwent a breast reduction a month ago. She's healing great, the swelling is better, and her scars are healthy, thin, and even. Time, nutrition, and good skin care are important for proper healing.
Thank you!
#breastsurgeon #breastreduction #breastlift #plasticsurgery #beforeandafter #toptenplasticsurgeonmaryland

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Another before and after... Made a pizza today for lunch. Home made dough is the secret. Classic pizza tomato sauce base, oregano, mozzarella, parmesan, dusted with oregano and red chilli flake. Simple. Delicious. Good thing I worked out this morning! Thank you!
#pizza #covid #homemade #plasticsurgery

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Everyday starts with a gourmet breakfast!! Well as long as your daughter is making it! Thank you! Hope everyone is safe, and using your time to catch up on work around the house, quality and quantity family time, exercise, and some rest. Be safe. Be kind. Wash your hands! We will get through this!
#covid_19 #washyourhands #bekind

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End of a beautiful day spent where? At home of course! I'm perfecting my whiskey sours. Fresh squeezed lime juice. A shot of Maryland whiskey! Simple syrup, and marachino cherry with ice. I think after twenty more, I'll get this right! 😷🙂🙂 Be safe everyone! Be kind. Be patient! Wash your hands! And wear a mask when if you absolutely have to go out! .

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Good morning! Hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful Saturday! This is the new normal. Wear a mask! It will help protect you and others. You don't need an N95 mask for everyday use! Wash your hands, practice social distancing and use an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Be safe. Be kind. Don't horde.
#plasticsurgery #socialdistancing #covid_19 #360liposuction #virtualconsultation

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Happy Friday! This young patient recently underwent a breast reduction. Here she is at one week post surgery. She is doing great! I removed over 600 grams from each breast. She is still swollen and has mild bruising. This is one of my most favorite procedures. Breast reductions are both esthetic and functional. She has improved posture, less back and neck pain, and looks great! Thank you! Be safe and wash your hands!
#breastsurgeon #breastreduction #mastopexy #topplasticsurgeons #toptenplasticsurgeonmaryland #beforeandafter #plasticsurgery #bodytransformation

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Here's a follow up breast lift patient and liposuction. Here she is two weeks post op. Her swelling is much better. Pain free. This is one of the last patients I treated before covid-19! Hope everyone is safe and practicing good hygiene and social distancing.
Thank you!
#breastsurgeon #breastreduction #liposuction #360liposuction #beforeandafter #ethnic #toptenplasticsurgeonmaryland #mommymakeover

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Please note: some images may have been altered to remove identifying tattoos and other marks by request of the patient.
No other alterations were performed.

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